Division of Endocrinology and in-vitro Isotope Diagnostics

Head of the Division : Harjit Pal Bhattoa, MD, PhD
Chief technologist: Péterné Nemes

The division of endocrinology and in-vitro isotope diagnostics joined the department in 1993. Earlier our activity comprised mainly of manual processing of radioactive immunoassays, and the number of analyses was 17,000 per year. The measurement of the most important parameters of thyroid gland diagnostic has been automatized since 1994 and the determination of the up-to-date free hormone and the serum tumor markers has also been introduced. As a consequence of continous development, the endocrinology laboratory diagnostics of reproductive system, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands as well as pancreas, growth and heart are done with 31 primary analyses and 19 dynamic tests. Many esoteric assays like IGF-1, C-peptide, 17-OHP, PRA (plasma-renin activity), aldosterone, ACTH and CgA are also parts of the routine. Introducing the measurement of intraoperative parathyroid hormone was a substantial step in 2002. Our division was the first in Hungary to introduce the routine measurement of pro-BNP by automated technique for the diagnosis of heart failure in 2003. The analyses are carried out on automated Modular (Roche), LIAISON (Dia-Sorin) chemiluminometric and RIA-mat 280 (Dia-Sorin) radiometric instruments, and the evaluations of manual radioimmunoassays are automated as well. The results are provided on the same day for thyroid and reproductive tests and results for other parameters are provided in a week or two. The division conferred 147,000 results in 2009.