Division of Immunochemistry

Head of the Unit: Éva Katona, PhD
Chief Technologist: Mária Csobán


This division is one of the most dynamically developing units at our department. The analysis profile is quite extensive. We perform analyses of plasma proteins (acute phase proteins, immunoglobulin, cystatin C), hematology parameters (iron, transferrin, soluble transferrin receptor, ferritin, vitamin B12, folic acid), cardiac markers (myoglobin, troponin T), sepsis marker (procalcitonin), homocysteine, carbohydrate deficient transferring. The different examinations are carried out by a common immunochemistry methodology. We perform the measurements using the following chemistry and immunochemistry automated systems: immunoturbidimetry (Roche, INTEGRA 800), immunonephelometry (Behring, BN 100), microparticular enzyme immunoassay and fluorescence polarization immunoassay (Abbott, AXSYM) as well as luminescence immunoassay (Diasorin, LIAISON). The majority of analyses are performed during the daily routine and results are sent back on the same day via the Med-Solution on-line system as well as delivered in a printed form. Some examinations are available on call as well (CRP, myoglobin, troponin T, procalcitonin, S-100), e.g. on every day of the year. The number of analyses is close to 100,000 per year.